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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gilbert Whisler and Pearl Harbor Revisited

"Only the dead have seen the end of war." ~ Plato

Gentle Readers and Loved Ones,

It's Dec 7th - A Day That Will Live In Infamy - and it lead me to google Gilbert Whisler. I wrote about him earlier here and here.

Google linked me to the Find a Grave website.  This is a link to Gilbert Whisler's grave that I visited.  It also has a picture of the temporary grave site where he was interred until being moved to the punchbowl.

TogetherWeServed.com has a link here with the picture of Private Whisler I posted earlier.  It also says cause of death was drowning, suffocation which leads me to the sad conclusion he was one of the unlucky souls trapped below decks but close enough to an entry to be recovered.

So...on the 72nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor, another post.  Maybe the last.  It is my hope that all you Gentle Readers and Loved Ones will take a moment and remember those that have gone before.

Dad / Geoff

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david rago said...

we can't express enough gratitude for the men and women who died in the service of our country. the freedoms we enjoy today came at the expense of their lives and, especially on days such as this, we put politics aside in remembering them with humility and grace.