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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winner of the Sweet Sistine

     "Why is there anything?  Every religious, business, and governmental  question has the single derivative:  'Who will exercise the power?'  Alliances, combines, complexes, they all chase mirages unless they go for  the power.  All else is nonsense."   ~            Frank Herbert, Dune Messiah

Gentle Readers and Loved Ones,

Our daughter, Katie - I could not be prouder of her - is studying this semester in Rome.  She called us this afternoon after the Vatican announced "Habemus Papem!"  I'd been thinking of her.  I knew that her dormitory and school adjunct was not far from the Vatican.

She said, "Dad, can you hear them?" and stuck her phone out the window.  Sure enough, I could hear the cheers.  Sounded just like the cable news shows.  Then before I could answer, I heard a girlish discussion in the background that ended in squeals and "Let's go!" and "Dad, we are going to see it!" and a click.

Later, I got this picture. 

Habemus Papem

Her short note attached said, "I never knew a 1 inch tall guy could be so cool."

On that happy note, I remain,

Dad / Geoff

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